October 23, 2017

Six words which changed the way I used social media forever

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From: Jordan McInally
Subject: Six words which changed the way I used social media forever
Date: 23rd October 2017

Dear friend,

By the end of this letter you will learn about a simple yet powerful tool which will give you almost an unfair advantage in boosting your social media success, outperforming your competition and building an army of followers.

Using this simple yet powerful tool is the easiest way I know to get yourself a thriving social media page equipped with a highly engaged audience. It can literally save you time from sitting on Facebook, Twitter (or whatever social media you use) all day, not knowing what to post.

Shameless over promising? Not at all, as you’ll now see.

“Consistency is the key to success”

Just these six words changed the way I use social media forever.

A little known secret of social media masters

Successful social media pages don’t just post online whenever they feel like it. Much like how an audience is fooled by a magician’s tricks, many people don’t realise that successful pages craft each one of their posts ahead of time.

Each post has a purpose for the owner and it’s usually one of the following:

  • To Interest
  • To Teach
  • To Entertain
  • To Sell

Getting the right balance of these four is crucial. When mixed correctly you get a cocktail of success. Fail, you lose your audience and time- two things you cannot get back.

The problem is how can you think of what to show your audience, craft the perfect post, and NOT be on social media all day?

That’s why I have created a Social Media Post Planner (SMPP). It’s designed to save you time from sitting on social media all day… allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

You can get your free copy of the SMPP here.

The Social Media Post Planner is design to do the following:

  • It tells you when to post and where (the exact time, date, and social media to use)
  • It tells you what to post… to get AND keep your customers interested in you… and ready to buy
  • It helps schedule post in advance so you DONT have to be on social media all day… so you can focus on your normal work and never have to worry about being consistent.

You can find full details of it here.

Most people start a social media profile, spend a lot time posting as much as they can, then eventually give up – leaving their competitors that stay consistent to entertain their customers… leading them to buy from the competitor instead.

You can avoid this trap by ordering your Social Media Post Planner here – just confirm where you want it to be sent to.

Here’s to taking that first step,


P.S. Never worry about not knowing what to post online with this Social Media Post Planner