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From: Jordan McInally
Subject: Save your business thousands of pounds by spending five minutes reading this…
Date: 2nd August 2017

Well kept secret among marketers they don’t want you to know – otherwise you’ll never hire them

Dear friend,

If you’re like most people, then you think of marketers in one of two ways…

The first, and sadly most common, is you see them as scummy sales people. They say or do anything for a quick buck. Trick you into buying whatever it is they are selling

For others, marketers are magicians. You hire them to entertain your audience, they say a few magic words and poof! You’re making sales.

Although the first is directly insulting for honest marketers out there. The second one always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Even magicians practice their tricks

Even though I have become a humble lifelong learner of marketing for the past several years, I’m still waiting for the day the ministry of marketing magic contacts me to say my invitation to study there was lost in the post by an incompetent owl.

Although some campaigns I have been involved in have magically increased my client’s sales by around 300%, there are was never any wizardry behind it.


Without a doubt I owe the entire success of the campaigns I’m involved with to the magic of hard work.

Nothing else, expect for testing.

Yeah, hard work and testing



When I am asked to do a marketing campaign the first things I look out for are:

1. Successful campaigns of the business
2. Unsuccessful campaigns of the business
3. Successful and unsuccessful campaigns of other businesses

To create a marketing campaign which you have no solid background of success with is you shooting blind.

The way you can increase your chances of success is to build upon the success of yourself and others.

Otherwise you are wasting time and money on wishful thinking.

That’s the secret

I guess I just put a bunch of marketing magicians out of the job

Until next time.