July 1, 2018

Client Case Study: Powiesciologia (Translated “Novelology”)

Reading Time: 3 minutes


Novelology is an online creative writing school and consulting agency. They provide clients from around the world with writing classes and one-to-one consultations on the topic of creative writing – the practical side of learning how to create a novel (not just think about it).

The company is owned by Katie – A writer who  has studied under award winning writers such as Scarlett Thomas (End of Mr Y, PopCo,  Dragons Green), Mary Karr (The Liar’s Club, LIT: A Memoir, Sinners welcome), and Mann booker Prize Winner George Saunders (Lincoln in the Bardo, Tenth of December, Pastoralia).

From a young age Katie has been recognised for her writing – being published in magazines and having her stories included in short story collections.

After being accepted into the University of Kent, completing her Master’s degree, she moved on to doing a phD and teaching at the University – but that wasn’t enough for Katie.

She told me “I wanted to help more people. There are so many writers out there who aren’t getting the same help as those I teach at University. I knew how life changing it is to have classes and one-to-one help with writing – I knew I needed to do it.”

In 2015 Katie opened up Novelology.

It wasn’t long before Katie realised that creating a marketing campaign to promote her services was a lot of hard work. After spending months crafting a campaign with no real experience to speak of, Katie invested her money into what would hope we be the first step into having a handful of clients.

As she told me: “The campaigns were utter failures Not a client to speak of. I spent so much money, with nothing to show for it.’

Over a year went by and Katie tried out different campaigns in hopes that she could get a client. Even with an incredible service being offered by an established and qualified person, not happened.

Before deciding to call it a day, Katie reached out to me for help. She asked if we could meet so she could show me her campaigns, and if I could give her some advice on where she could be going wrong.

With my help

After spending a little time analysing what she had done, I gave Katie some advice which helped change her campaigns and her business.

I quickly realised how truly life changing Katie’s services really we were – genuinely out-shining any other service on the market.

So we began working together in 2016 and since then novelology has grown rapidly.

The specifics:

Product creation  – creating a wide range of digital products including E-Books, online courses, and workshops.

Setting up a mailing list and began email marketing – This began with a free newsletter and quickly developed into selling Katie’s products and services .

Social Media Management and Strategy – We began structuring Novelology’s social media posts to a

The outcome:

in the short year and a half we have worked together – Powiesciologia (Translated as Novelology) is running strong.

  • Katie now has more clients than she ever imagined – providing monthly consultations to clients (some have now been with her for over a year!).
  • Running regular online workshops and courses
  • Consistently selling her E-books online without needing to advertise anymore.
  • Continuously growing her Facebook following (currently on 1,800 active followers – 90% of which has been from organic traffic)


What Katie has to say:

“Thank you so much, Jordan! You have literally transformed my dream of helping so many people with their writing into a reality. I always hoped I could do it one day- but I never thought I would be able to do it so quickly and with such huge success! Thank you!”