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Version 3.0

Do You Want To Save Time & Money By Only Talking To People Who Absolutely Want what YOU Are Selling?

  • The Most Comprehensive System To Filter Out The Website Window Shoppers From The Actual Buyers.
  • Cut Through The Bullshit of “Comments”, “Likes”, and “Shares” You Have Been Tricked Into Thinking That Matters And Start Focusing On What Really Matters – Leads & Sales.
  • The First Ever All-In-One System To Start Saving You Time & Money And Start Talking To People Who Actually Want To Buy From You.
  • This System Will Show You Exactly WHO you should be advertising to and AUTOMATICALLY Build that Audience For you, ready for you to start advertising to.



Hey It’s Jordan,

You have no idea who I am, but I bet you have spent a lot of money on advertising and have seen an unfair return than you deserve..

You have probably also spent countless hours crafting your offers, trying to appeal to your audience, but no one said ‘yes’ to it.

Well, what If I told you that maybe your offer, your messaging, has nothing to do with it, but you have just been advertising to the wrong people all along?

Imagine the amount of time and money you have spent already… or if you were honest with yourself, how much was wasted

Now is the time for you to change it.


You see, for the past 12 years I have done every job you can think of when it comes to digital marketing.

From SEO & PPC marketing, Web developer, and Data Analyst.

In 2008 I worked for one of the first agencies in the UK to offer SEO and PPC.

Back in those ‘wild west’ times of online marketing, you could literally have the keyword as your domain name, sprinkle some in the copy of the website and within a couple of weeks you were showing up at the top of the organic search results..

And because PPC was so new, there was pretty much no competition. You could spend little money on the keywords and be top of the results every single time.


The formula for success back then:

Keyword Domain Name + Sprinkle Keywords In Copy + PPC = Massive Success

Quite frankly it was a gold mine of opportunity.

Everyone could make money…. Everyone was making money.


…But now things have moved on from there and everyone is competing to be the top on Google. 

People are willing to spend thousands of pounds every single month to be on the top and stay there.

They want to be the King of Google.

The problem with being King is that he is SCARED to lose the throne.

The King is frantically doing everything he can to stay on top and Never lose that power.

The King likes his ego being tickled every time his phone lights up from a new notification of every like, comment, and share he receives. 

The King wants all of the likes because he has a massive appetite… An appetite which can never really be fulfilled.

What the King doesn’t want to admit to himself is that these likes, comments, and shares really mean nothing at the end of the day if they don’t result in leads and sales.

But he has spent so much time focusing on getting these that he would feel like a fool.

He will be forced to see the empire he has built, the massive amount of social media wealth actually amounted to nothing.

And the sad truth is he is right.

Being King is an illusion.


So if you feel like you have been fooled into thinking that these matter, then you are not alone.

That is why I have put together a system that cuts through the bullshit of “comments”, “likes”, and “shares” you have been tricked into thinking That matters and start focusing on what really matters – Leads & Sales.


Let Me First Tell You Exactly What This System Doesn’t Do

This system does not guarantee you wealth or success. There are simply too many variables and I have no idea what your business does.

It would be wrong (and let alone stupid) for me to try and tell you otherwise.

Anyone that tries to make these claims is trying to scam you.

With that said … let me jump right in and show you…


Exactly What This System Will Do For You

This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever tried before because this isn’t just some cheap trick that will work one day and not the next. Leaving you exactly where you were before.

The reason why is because this system is built to last forever. When I began creating this I stripped out all of the unnecessary components and left only the elements which are designed to do one thing:

Allow you to laser focus on talking to prospects who have shown a clear interest and desire in what you have to offer…

Anyone else is automatically filtered out.

Because it will automatically filter out the website window shoppers from true, potential buyers, you can spend your marketing budget on people who actually want what you have to offer.


Here’s exactly how it works

This system is designed to track every possible valuable interaction a user could have on your website… enabling you to categorise them into audiences to advertise to.

If someone lands on your website & performs specific actions on your site which shows an undeniable interest in what you have to offer, you can then target them with advertisements!

Just imagine spending your time and money talking to these prospects.


This Is The Age Of Behavioural Based Marketing

If you have spent your money targeting people based on their interests alone and unsatisfied with the terribly low conversion rate…

 just imagine what could happen if you upgraded to targeting people who:

  1. Shown Signs That They Love Your Services
  2. Shown Signs That They Want Your Services
  3. Know and Love Your Brand

Do you think this could be more effective than interest-only based targeting?


It’s time to forget about ‘likes’ and start focusing on leads.

The time has come for you to TRANSFORM your marketing into behavioural based marketing. 

Start tracking how people are interacting with your website and if they show clear signs that they want what you have to offer THEN start advertising to them.

Here’s just a fraction of what’s included and what it might mean for your business:


The Video Presentation Follow Up – Do you have a sales or product demonstration video? This system will monitor those who watch it .

Why is this so powerful…

If someone is willing to sit through an entire sales presentation it’s because they want what you have to offer. Think of the last time you watched a video to the very end without you being interested, it never happens!

You will have the POWER to filter out those who never watched it from those who did… enabling you to focus only the prospects and not the website window shoppers.


The Automated Form Submission Ads – If you have a form such as Event Registration, Contest Registration, Free Assessment & Auditing, Newsletter, Product Enquiry or Free Trial – Then these are all examples of people putting their hands up and saying:

“Yes, I am interested in what you are selling”

Just imagine what kind of impact this could have on your marketing when you are automatically able to follow up with advertisements promoting your paid service. 


Start Measuring REAL Engagement – Stop spending money on sending traffic to a website to only measure how many sessions you have received, and start measuring real engagement with scroll tracking.

Sessions only tell you when someone has landed on your page, it does not tell you how much of your content the user consumed.

9/10 your competitors are not doing this.

They think the more traffic to a page the better, they don’t look at the true engagement on that page.

See exactly how much of your sales pitches a person read before they left the page … Enabling you to make the needed adjustments to improve your copy.


ONLY Speak to True Prospects You leave it running and it does the work for you. This system will constantly and continuously categorise your website visitors in the types of audience you want to talk to..

… And weed out all of the people you don’t.

Once you start running advertisements targeting the audience you want, this system will keep adding new people to it so you NEVER miss the chance of following up with the people who you know are your TRUE PROSPECTS.



This system is great and you’ll get everything you need from it. 

But I’m the kinda guy that likes to play big or go home and I’m betting you are too. 

That’s why I’m giving you this bonus video today. It’s my little way of ensuring that you can start implementing everything you will learn in Convert… right away.

That’s why I’m giving you also going to 

So yes…


You Really Are Getting This System And AOne-To-One Consultation For Just $597…

However, there is only a limited number of people I can have the time to sit down and help on a one-to-one basis.

I may pull this offer down as soon as I reach my limit… So you need to claim this now.

If I pull this offer down, I will not put it back up again.

And by the way, even though you’re paying a ridiculously low price for an all in one system that tracks every possible valuable user interaction AND have my one-to-one help – you’re still protected by…


The Boldest Guarantee In The World

I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this system and my one-to-one personal help or I’ll return your £597 and let you keep the system anyway.

Just email or call me within 30 days after purchasing and I’ll give you back your £597.

How’s that for fair?


This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your System & One-to-One consultation Now Before It’s Gone

What offer can I come up with that sounds impossible? For £597 If you were to ask a website developer to set this all up for you it would cost £5000+ 


  • Set up Google Analytics on your website
  • Set up Google Tag Manager So you can track:
  • Scroll Tracking… See how far people read your offers on your website
  • Video Tracking… So you can track how long people watch your video for
  • Email Clicks … You can see how many people have shown a direct interest in what you have to offer because they want to contact you AND what page they were on when the clicked the email address
  • Telephone Number Clicks … You can see how many people have shown a direct interest in what you have to offer because they want to contact you AND what page they were on when the clicked the phone number.
  • Link Click Tracking … So you can see exactly how many times links are clicked on your website and what page a user was on when they clicked it.
  • Any clicks Tracking .. So you can see exactly where users are clicking on every single one of your pages
  • Form Submission Tracking So you can track when people sign up to your free events, newsletters, offers etc and target these people on Facebook
  • Heat Map and Live Recording on your website so you can see real, live examples on how people use your website, where they click so you can make any adjustments to help improve your conversion rate.
  • Live chat software on your website – So you can talk directly to your client and prospects live on your website
  • Set up Facebook Pixel on your website so you can start targeting people who only show interest in what you have to offer
  • Set up LinkedIn Insight tag so you can start targeting people who only show interest in what you have to offer.
  • Set up custom audiences on Google PPC so you only target people who show interest in what you do

Jordan McInally has helped drastically improve the marketing of businesses in nearly every industry, by showing them how to make effective data-driven marketing decisions based on the behaviour of their markets.

He is responsible for systematically turning blind digital advertising into behavioural based marketing – a method of weeding out the uninterested from those who want to buy your products.

He has been improving the strategies of local, national and international businesses for the past 12 years.

Currently he devotes his time to helping people improve their own strategies through his behavioural marketing system and 1-on-1 consultations.

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